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Please be advised that due to pandemic, to keep both of us protected from the virus, I require the following from my clients if they prefer face-to-face reading: 

 1. Proof of fully vaccinated (had undergone both the 1st and 2nd doses of Covid vaccine). Please note that the schedule of the Reading session must be at least 14 days after the 2nd dose was given. OR 

2. Proof of Negative antigen/swab test result. Please note that the schedule of the Reading session must be within 48 hours of the negative antigen/swab test result. 

If the client has not undergone any of the above, the Reading session must be done online (Viber or Messenger). BUT if the client has undergone the 2 doses of Covid vaccine OR within 48 hours, he/she has the negative result from the antingen/swab test, we can schedule the Reading based on our agreed date and time. 

Please do let me know where do you fall here so we can schedule our Reading. If via online, payment must be made before the session either thru GCash or online bank deposit (BDO, Metrobank or BPI). 

 Thank you.

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I love and enjoy what I’m doing especially sharing my time to those who would like to try and trust my ability.         


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